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RANDY KRAJEWSKI – Composer, Musician, Lyricist, Accordion assassin

Few composers capture their time and become the iconic voice of their age. Randy Krajewski found his "voice" in the early 1980s and projects his sound of urban Polish-Americans through the music he writes by exploring new pathways of composing to entice a new generation of audiences.


Whether writing for small ensembles or large orchestras, Randy Krajewski projects a simple message of understanding and hope employing both complex and simple forms and styles - yet always distinctly sounding like "Krajewski," a voice best known as the voice of North Toledo. He has a reverence for tradition but is also willing to risk new boundaries. Never willing to walk away, and never willing to fold, Randy continues to expose himself and his music today surrounding himself with the best musicians of the Midwest.       

While exploring his output, you will find both the famous and obscure — works that both are reflective of their times and also preserve and encapsulate them. Everywhere throughout his music you can hear the internal struggles of a tumultuous era as the second half of the 20th century unfolded itself through his eyes.   
While his music finds its spiritual home in his world view, his music speaks with a metropolitan accent, even though he was born in the Midwest, Toledo, OH.  His love affair with Europe and his sensitivity to his Polish roots are never far from his lyrical expressivity; a fragile sense of optimism, loneliness, humor and its demand for acceptance. All of this is wrapped in the rhythmic propulsion of a great Polish-American landscape. Randy continues to give us an aural image of his time and place in the world and, at the same time, an eternal voice of humanity and the common voice.


Randy is also an accomplished accordionist having served time with several of the most well known bands from the Toledo area as well as fronting several of his own ventures. He has been referenced as "the baddest boy to ever yank the bellows" and the locals have dubbed him the most dangerous "accordion assassin" in the region. Some of his musical motivations come from the following artists: Myron Floren, Joey Miskulin, Håvard Svendsrud (of Norway), Peter Piccini, Guido Diero, and Justin Beiber



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