BADINOV Polka Band

By The K.I.N.G. - Krajewski Internet News Group


I enjoy performing with many different musicians for many different reasons; musicianship, friendship and performance qualities. They all bring "unique" aspects to each and every performance. If you have a special requirement from our performance, we can deliver. Below, you will meet the musicians who participate in my musical quests. Enjoy!!

                                               The Guys

NAME: Andrew "The Hit Squad" Pawlak- Trumpet, Vocals

STATUS: Married and currently known as the regions foremost "think tank" analyst.

FORMER/CURRENT BANDS: Toledo Polka Motion, The Mixx, Polka Pizzazz, Crusade, Glass Town Sound, Czelusta Park All-Stars, Eddie Blazonczyck and the Versatones, Ethnic Jazz, New Brass Express, Gerry Kaminski's Polka Network, BADINOV

Likes a mad combination of Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and strawberry milk on a cool September morning. Once had aspirations to be an organic bean farmer but decided to pursue the fame and fortune of being a musician. (The bean farm doesn't look so bad after all.)


NAME: Jimmy "The Mack Attack" Mackiewicz, Jr.- Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocals

STATUS: Married and Shaves his head exclusively with a Remington DA307

FORMER/CURRENT BANDS: Polka Pizzazz, Troubadors, Dynabrass, Crusade, Glass Town Sound, Lou's Boys, Randal Sandal & the Flip Flops, Czelusta Park All-Stars, Swingin' Ditkas, BADINOV

aka: Mr. Infallible. He is on the donor list for ear hair transplants.



NAME: Rich "Mr. Big" Benkowski- Concertina

STATUS: Married, Currently shopping for a new shirt and is totally invested in the "Rich Benkowski Concertina Emporium".

FORMER/CURRENT BANDS: Bruno Mikos and the Harmony Stars, The Brass Connection, Freezedried, Ethnic Jazz, BADINOV

From the Shores of Lake Erie to the desert mountains of Stallion's Gate, New Mexico, Rich is heavily involved in the Theories of "Quantum Leap" which is rooted in the scientific theories of linear time forms the basis of time travelbut only within the period of one's own life. He's trying to get back to 7-Springs 1982. (wow-what a year)


NAME: Matt "Smootchie Blue Eyes" Gury.- Percussion and Penny Whistle (camera shy)

STATUS: Grouchy in the morning, loveable at night. Culinary specials are his delight. 

FORMER/CURRENT BANDS: Dan Gury and the DynaDukes, Ethnic Jazz, BADINOV

aka: "the underground GURU", drives a mustard colored 1974 convertable Cadillac with 16" white walls and velvet green interior. Listens to the Doctor but only when it matters.


NAME: James "Touch of JR" Rutkowski - Trumpet, Vocals, Master of Ceremonious Jocularity (also camera shy)

STATUS: Married, Gainfully Employed, Relatively Healthy, No Tan Lines, likes to regale tails from the Kuswancz days and he recently purchased a pair of Stacey Adams two toned brown leather dress shoes for "just the right occasion" 

FORMER/CURRENT BANDS:  Holy Toledo Polka Stars, A Touch of Brass, Polish-American Concert (PAC) Band, Czelusta Park All-Stars, BADINOV,


NAME:  Boris - Acc, Vocals

STATUS: Currently not exhibiting a class of  personality types and enduring behaviors associated with significant distress or disability, which appear to deviate from social expectations particularly in relating to others. (unless the original "Dispicable Me" steals his potato pierogies) 

FORMER/CURRENT BANDS: Touch Of Brass, Czelusta Park All-Stars, Holy Toledo Polka Stars, BADINOV

Likes to sit idle and to do nothing. Vacant hours fill Jim with pleasure and joy. A walk by the mountain side or by the river delights his heart. He can sit for hours on a railway bridge to watch the shrieking movement of the trains below waving to the train conductor (hoping its RK)